Friday Fancies

Happy Friday, everyone! What a week it has been. Here in Seattle, I’ve had some busy days, crazy weather, and lots of good eats! Here are some of the things I fancied this week.

A fabulous dinner date at the Veggie Grill with my friend Kashia. We each had one of their wraps (I had the Thai Chickin’) with a side of steamed kale. They also had a yummy selection of organic iced teas and lemonades that were free for students! Simply delicious.


A trip to my local yarn store, Weaving Works. I’m attending a baby shower in a few weeks, so I have plans to knit a wee little hat for a soon-to-arrive baby boy! So many choices …

FF post 3The winner!


Anne’s recipe for almond butter-stuffed vanilla coconut french toast. What a delicious and satisfying breakfast it was.


Garnet Hill’s Side-Tie Voile Pocket Skirt. This skirt would be the perfect addition to a casual and classy summer wardrobe. I’m going to New York in a couple of months, and I may just buy this for the occasion!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Take time to do something new, get inspired, check off to do’s, and explore wherever you might be. I have a few concrete plans, but I cannot wait to see what else is in store. Until Monday!

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  1. K8

    What a delightful post! Have a nice weekend :)

  2. Serengetigirl

    Wonderful about patterns to make these darling skirts…

  3. Serengetigirl

    I meant to say WONDERING….about patterns…they look easy and really cute

    • emilye

      I know – aren’t the patterns lovely? I especially love the the double-layered skirt, and the mix-and-matched solid and printed fabric on the city one! Are you thinking about trying to recreate them? I think it would be pretty easy .. and so cute :)

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